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Best Family & Kid Friendly Attractions in Jamaica

Updated: Feb 20

As a Jamaican, there is one universal assignment that every primary level student receives when s/he returns to school from summer break. The one thing a teacher is looking forward to when time comes for the Language Arts class. Yup, you guessed it – Write an essay about what you did this summer.

Do you remember that essay? I sometimes embellished mine just a little to make it more interesting – a dash of an adventure here, a foiled trip there, just anything to enhance the story. And I guess it worked too, because I always scored well on that assignment. Maybe that's my writing origin story, who knows? Back to the matter at hand.

Today in our Summer Time Series, we’ll explore some family and kid-friendly attractions in Jamaica parents can take the children this summer so they can give true stories when writing their essays. These locations are loads of fun and will guarantee a great setting for your child’s essay. Here are 10 locations that your child would likely consider the best family and kid friendly attractions in Jamaica:

Top 10 Best Family & Kid Friendly Attractions In Jamaica

Children playing at with a fountain at a waterpark
Photo credit: The Jamaica Observer

1. Dunn’s River Falls and Park

A signature attraction in the fabric of the Jamaican tourism sector, this attraction has numerous activities that will cause you and your family to explore and enjoy the island. The company recently opened its kiddies park, which is tremendously fun and exciting for the little ones.

A snap of the Garden at Hope Zoo and Gardens
Photo credit: Jamaica National Heritage Trust

2. Hope Zoo & Gardens

Introduce your children to the animals at the Zoo! This interaction will certainly intrigue young children, who are accustomed to seeing the animals in pictures or in the TV shows they love to watch. The Zoo has several activities for children including rides and an up close interaction with the animals in the petting zoo. Enjoy a calming afternoon in Hope Gardens after your tour.

Children exit a slide at Kool Runnings in Jamaica on a tube.
Photo credit: Kool Runnings

3. Kool Runnings Adventure Park

Water, sun and a whole lot of fun. What more can a child ask for? With numerous slides and rides, this location is bound to keep your little one occupied, and will help you create lasting memories together.

Devon House Jamaica
Photo credit: Wikipedia

4. Devon House

Up for something sweet? Take your child to the world-famous Devon House. With lush grounds outfitted with a kiddies play area, there will be additional sweetness to enjoy apart from ice cream. They also have other little stores and stands on ground to make for an even more enjoyable experience. You may also expose them to history while you’re at it, and tour the beautiful great house of the property.

A team of dolphins complete an out of water jump routine at Dolphin Cove in Jamaica.
Photo credit: Jamaica Observer

5. Dolphin Cove

Which child wouldn't be fascinated by dolphins? Swim with the dolphins or enjoy an interesting show of their talents at Dolphin Cove. You can also take a walk on their jungle trail to see exotic birds and other wildlife.

A snippet of the Konoko Falls in St. Ann, Jamaica
Photo credit: Konoko Falls

6. Konoko Falls

A blend of history and the sheer beauty of nature, this attraction will both entertain and educate your child about our country’s origins. Its surreal environment is a relaxing space for all.

A beach in Jamaica on a sunny day.
Photo credit: Loop Jamaica

7. The Beach

There a several beaches in Jamaica. It is an island, after all. Some are free, some with an small entry fee but for the most part, you are bound to have a good time with the family at the beach. Take the kids out to enjoy the waves, soak up the sun, and build castles in the sand.

An aspect of the Green Grotto cave in Jamaica.
Photo credit: Green Grotto

8. The Green Grotto Cave

If your little one is a fan of geology and geography, this is the ideal place to visit. The insightful tour will cause you and your family to develop a greater appreciation for Jamaica’s topography.

A woman about to jump into a river, swinging from a  tree limb above the water.
Photo credit: Cranbrook

9. River flex

Jamaica has numerous rivers that provide a picturesque escape for children and families. Indulge yourself and your family in a river It is also very diverse – you can raft, tube, swim, just about anything at Jamaica’s beautiful rivers.

A crisp blue pool at an all inclusive resort
Photo credit: Stock photo

10. Our Hotels

Take the entire family on vacation in Jamaica! As one of the foremost islands in the region, Jamaica is paradise for tourists, both local and international, to relax and unwind. And there are a plethora of all-inclusive hotels for you and your family to do just that.

Final Thoughts

Let’s help our children create unforgettable memories this summer and write interesting stories come September. Tell us in the comments what your most memorable summer experience was. What did you write in your essays?

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