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5 Activities to Entertain Children This Summer

School is out and it is time for the kiddies to TURN UP!

I’m playing, we are still in a pandemic, so this is turn up lite – kids edition. We know as parents it can be challenging switching from the schedule of school to seeing the kids laze around, watching TV all day, so we came up with the perfect plan to get you through it. Over the next two months, The Village will be sharing summer tips, tricks, tidbits that will help you navigate the Summer Time and fully engage your kiddies.

For those parents who are still unsure of what to do, we’ve got you. Here are five ideas you can explore that will keep the child(ren) engaged during this period:

Summer Camp

Yes we’re in a pandemic, but baby, these are making a comeback. Summer camps are a fun way to engage your children in a supervised, relaxed environment that fosters learning and increases social intelligence.

At home obstacle course

Convert your backyard (or any space in your home) into an obstacle course that challenges your child(ren). Using cardboard boxes, large water drums and other items you can find around the house, develop the skills of the future engineers of the world and engage them in building the course. Challenge your child to add an element to the course as often as you wish, and race them to finish the course. This is bound to keep them active and entertained and will score you some points for spending time with the little ones. Go crazy. Create your own summer Olympics. You never know who you are raising.

Art and Crafts

Stock up on art supplies because we are in for it these next few months. If your child enjoys expressing him/herself through art, encourage this practice by helping them to channel their inner Picasso. You can also get creative and convert your living room into an art gallery by the end of the summer to showcase your child’s talents to family and friends.

Summer School

Give your child a peek into the future by enrolling them for summer school. This prepares them for the grade level they will be entering in the new academic year and sometimes gives an advantage in the long run. Various schools have summer school programmes that can benefit your children. Ask around, you’ll be sure to find the right fit for you and your child.

Start a Daily Journal

Encourage your little one to start a journal! Have them write at least one new thing they learn each day in the journal or talk about a new experience they had. In addition to being educational and fun, documenting such an experience can be a cool memento for him/her.


Challenge your child to read a set number of books for the summer. You can also incentivize the charge to make it even more fun for your child. Not only are you promoting reading, but you are also developing your little one’s imagination and appreciation for literature. You may also take your child to the library for him/her to experience such an adventure, if they haven’t already.

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