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About Raising Naomi

Updated: Mar 15

The Francis family enjoy a picnic together

There is so much more to a woman’s pregnancy experience than the biological changes. From the level of care received to the physical environment in which she is growing her tiny human; it all impacts the overall experience and frames an opinion on life. 

For first-time-mom Semone Hoilett-Francis, pregnancy was a “great experience” for which she is extremely grateful. Though there were periods of nausea and a few uncomfortable moments during pregnancy, she is tremendously grateful for motherhood and the joy she feels in ‘Raising Naomi’.

The blissful millennial mom shared her experience with The Village Ja.

Semone and her vivacious two-year-old, Naomi

Talking Motherhood with Semone Hoilett Francis

The Village (TV):Describe your pregnancy.  

Semone Hoilett-Francis (SHF): My pregnancy was a great experience for me and I am most grateful that I had a very healthy pregnancy. I was never ill at any point while I was pregnant.

TV: What did you love most about pregnancy? 

SHF: I loved feeling the movements of Naomi inside my tummy. I especially loved when we (my husband and I) sang “Smile A While And Give Your Face A Rest,” and she would always start moving as if she were dancing.

TV: What did you dislike the most about pregnancy?

SHF: I disliked peeing every 1-2 minutes.

TV: What is the best/kindest thing a stranger did for you while pregnant?

SHF: I would say the kindest thing anyone did would have been when we went to a hotel and they gave me a 90% discount on a massage at the spa. 

TV: What is one thing about labour that surprised you?

SHF: How the baby’s head came out looking like a squished toy. 

TV: What are some changes your body experienced?

SHF: I experienced a lot of changes such as wider hips which I love, stretch marks on the tummy and breasts but my hair grew so much and my tummy became very loose with the stretch skin.

TV: What “pregnancy privilege” do you miss the most?

SHF: I really miss getting BBQ zinger around the clock

TV: How do you balance motherhood and your other responsibilities (state what these are, if possible)?

SHF: With the support of my husband I am able to balance my work, mom and wife life. Husband would do his part as a father to help with the baby which takes of some of the pressure as a mother.

TV: Tell us your advice/tip for moms-to-be.

SHF: My advice for moms is that you make time for yourself, it is easy to lose who you are as a person when you’re focused on being a mom.

TV: What phase of your child’s development have you experienced so far and which has been your favourite? Why?

SHF: I have been there for every phase from sitting up, to crawling, to standing and walking. My most favourite phase was when she took her first step on my mother’s coach at seven months old. I was so surprised I screamed out.

Semone was the grand prize winner in The Village Ja's Mother's Day giveaway promotion. She earned a free 'Mommy-and-Me' photoshoot courtesy of OMG Moments by Audz as well as a natural makeup session from Jamaican makeup artist, Charissa Zoe. 

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