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Confessions of a Non-Traditional Mom at Christmas (Blogmas Day 2)

I love Christmas. The camaraderie, the laughter, the joy, the food, and all-around happiness are like a drug during the season.

As a child I wanted my experience to be just as how they were in the movies. Heck, if I could rent a two-story house just for the thrill of running down the stairs on Christmas morning I would do it!

But as I got older (more so when I became a mom) I knew I was not doing all that work! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Grinch (at least, I don’t think so); but there are some Christmas traditions I just can’t get behind…not yet at least. 

So here are my confessions for the season. My friend thinks I’m weird for not indulging in some or teaching my daughter about them, but alas.

Confession 1: I don’t put up Christmas decorations at home

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to see it. I’ll even take a couple of photos by the tree in stores or at other people’s homes each year, but setting that up at my house? Not going to happen. At least not for now. Maybe when my daughter is older and can resist the urge to tear the ornaments from the tree, we’ll revisit the subject.

green christmas tree with orange bauble

Photo by Irina Iriser on

Confession 2: I don’t purchase new house pieces/furniture

This is a Jamaican tradition. Usually, the week before Christmas is dedicated to spring cleaning… in winter. Curtains are changed, possibly new ones bought just for the occasion; comforter sets are purchased and added to every bed in the house, and new mats or carpets are laid out throughout the rooms.

As you can imagine, as a teenager, this was not my favourite time of year. So in adulthood, while I maintain the thorough clean aspect, I don’t always change my curtains at this time. Chances are I’ll change them before the jolly season.

green bedspread

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy on

Confession 3: I don’t open a present on Christmas Eve

Here is the logic behind that: If I open one, I’m going to want to open them all. So, to maintain the excitement of Christmas morning, we wait until Christmas to open gifts. Self-control is important, at least, that’s what they say, right? For me? Christmas gifts are opened on Christmas morning.

photo of christmas presents

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Your Turn

Please tell me I didn’t just admit a host of Christmas crimes to only Christmas saints. Tell me a tradition you do not do for Christmas in the comments.

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