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Coping Mechanisms for a peaceful Christmas with family (Blogmas Day 12)

cheerful black family enjoying xmas decorations

As much as we all want Christmas Day to be merry and full of nothing but joy, it can also be a stressful time for some who attend family gatherings. If you’re worried about a relative saying the wrong, controversial thing, or the perfect seating chart that will cause fewer disagreements at the table, you’re thinking about the wrong thing. It’s Christmas! And it should be a light and breezy time for you – think joy and peace.

Yes, dealing with family can be challenging, but as you pack yourself and your family into the vehicle to make that trip to the family house (or BIG YARD as we call it in Jamaica), or you prepare to host the family at your home, know that there is another option to having a stressful day.

Tips to have a great Christmas with family

Here are some reminders that’ll help you make it through the day… peacefully.

  1. Make it count Instead of watching television and watch the time go by, do something together as a family and cerish the time together.

  2. Take lots of pictures – If this pandemic has taught us anything it is tha life is short; capture this and every moment you have with your family together.

  3. Don’t take everything personally – We sometimes internalise and overthink an incident thinking the fault is within us and ignoring the fact that our relatives are people with moods and desires separate from their relationship with us.

  4. Be grateful for what you have in life – Don’t take for granted that you are able to spend time with your family this year. Gratitude is a must.

  5. Keep safe – Remember we’re still in a pandemic and though they are family, it does not mean you should let your guard down; wear youur masks, keep your distance and sanitize or wash your hands frequently.

Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap! Merry Christmas, Villagers. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey for Blogmas 2021. Feel free to revisit any post you may have missed here; follow me on Instagram, say hi, and sign up to join our community and receive new posts by email.

I am elated to have been able to complete this challenge in my first few months as a blogger, and I sincerely enjoyed writing this series and interacting with you daily. I hope you liked it too.

Have a blessed, safe, and joyful day; and stay tuned for more content. Thanks again for your support.

Tell me what was your favourite post in the Blogmas 2021 series in the comments.

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