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Jamaican Christmas Hits on My Playlist (Blogmas Day 4)

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Pause the Mariah Carey Christmas album for a second, and dim that fire for roasting the chestnuts. I promise those are not what we’re roasting in Jamaica this season.

In today’s Blogmas post (we made it to Day 4, Villagers!) we’ll explore a few of my favourite Jamaican Christmas songs that reflect on an idyllic holiday season on ‘The Rock’. Now I’m not much of a music fanatic but when it comes to Christmas, these songs just have to be played among the many other non-Jamaican seasonal hits.

Let’s dive into it!

Mek di Christmas Catch You in a Good Mood – Home T

Nothing but good vibes when this tune comes on. You can’t help but rock and sway to the melodious sound of this dynamic trio. As the song says “put on your dancing shoes” and enjoy the good vibes this song gives.

Christmas in the Sun – The Stage Crew

This song is just a bop! Again talking about what we do in Jamaica for Christmas and relates the merriment of a “joyful, irie Christmas in the Sun”.

Christmas Jamaican Style – Unique Vision

There is just something about Christmas in Jamaican that is magical. This song perfectly sums it all up and boasts the wonderful warmth and joy of our country during the season.

Christmas Breeze a blow – Fab 5

You just have to feel this song. And when the Jamaican Christmas breeze lick (hits) you, you have no choice but to move.

Wayne Wonder – Warm Jamaican Christmas

Wrap Up

So, tell me, what are your favourite Jamaican Christmas songs? This list is certainly not exhaustive. What songs do you recommend I add to the list?

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