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Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for the Family (Blogmas Day 11)

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Let’s be honest, no matter how well we plan ahead for the holidays, there is always something left off the to-do list until the eleventh hour. It’s Christmas Eve, and in addition to the bustle of preparing for dinner tomorrow, there are some of us who today are finalizing a few gift items.

Maybe you received the funds late, or you waited for the right deal, or there was some issue with your original order; whatever the reason, you’re looking for a gift today to fill that void, and I’ve got you.

Here is a list of last-minute gift ideas you can consider purchasing or making (if you are so inclined) for your loved ones.

For Dad

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  1. Watch: A new watch is sure to bring a smile to Dad’s face, especially if it is one he’s been wanting.

  2. His favourite scent: Nothing says I know you than buying his favourite cologne, especially if he is almost out.

  3. Car cleaning kit: If keeping a spotless car is his top priority, this gift will go a long way in feeding his hobby.

  4. Novelty socks: Help him make a statement with novel socks on his closet – this gift is also convenient.

  5. Beard grooming kit: This can be for both bearded and non-bearded men in your life who would appreciate some extra skin care.

For Mom

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  1. Amazon gift card: Give her the freedom to choose exactly what she wants for Christmas.

  2. Gift card to online clothing store: Trust me, there is not enough clothes in her closet to refuse such a gift.

  3. Spa Day treatment: Treat her to the tender love and care you know she deserves; pamper her for all she does.

  4. At-home self care kit: Lengethen the spa treatment for as long as she wants and take pampering to the next level.

  5. Gym membership/subscription: This may be tricky but is she is into this kind of thing, showing her you support her interests can go a long way.

For Babies

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  1. Rattle: Nothing more entertaining than a rattle to a baby; on the plus side it helps with motor skills development.

  2. Unbreakable mirror: These are a great way to help babies explore.

  3. Soft ball: Balls strengthen motor skills and familiarize little ones with their environment.

  4. Crinkle book: On early introduction to reading, a baby can learn about communication; this also introduces concepts such as numbers, letters, colors, and shapes in a fun way.

  5. Music Table: The sound will entertain and encourage development.

For Toddlers

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  1. Real life Imitation toy (tools, doctor set, kitchen set): At this stage mimicking real life and what they observe daily helps with their development; help them get through this phase.

  2. Simple puzzles: In addition to assisting with motor skills, this will also develop their problem-solving skills.

  3. Large print story books: Get them into the world of reading early and using their imagination to transcend borders.

  4. Art and Craft Set: Encourage creativity with markers, paint sets and play dough and everything that.

  5. Stacking Toy: Improve their motor skills with this fun activity that encourages development through problem-solving and building.

For Grandparents

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  1. Massage pillow: Help your support to relax and unwind whenever they need to.

  2. Grandchild embossed keychain: They’ll feel special every time they grab their keys and remember the love of their grandchild.

  3. Best Grandma/Grandpa mug: Give them something that reminds them of your love and appreciation.

  4. Frame of you favourite memories with them: You can print or paint something on your own and have it framed for your grandparents.

  5. A media streaming device and access to your Netflix: Turn their TV into a smart TV with a Roku or Firestick. Set them up and show them how it’s all done, if they don’t already have their own.

Final Thoughts

Blogmas 2021 is almost over. Can you believe it? I’m surprised and proud that I made it through this series. Thank you so much for your support, Villagers. This is indeed an accomplishment.

Head on out and purchase those last-minute gifts for your loved ones. And remember, the 300 days of January are coming, so don’t overspend to your detriment.

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