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Summer Camps for Children in Jamaica: A Parent's Guide

Updated: Feb 21

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The Summer is Back! And it is shaping up to be one as close to normalcy we have seen in a long time. Summer school is back on, more summer camps are open and the kiddies are eager to be out and about again.

But before I go any further with this piece, let me just take some time to say kudos to you mom and dad, you made it through a grueling academic year of constant changes and readjustments… what, with the whole pandemic situation we have going on.

Give yourselves a round of applause!

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Trust me, I know it was not an easy academic year for neither child nor parent. So use the summer break to relax, regroup and come back stronger for the new school year.

Summer activities for children

If you find yourself asking, what can I do to give my children a memorable summer that includes a balance of what summer entails, then look no further. While there are several activities you can plan yourself or engage others to help you execute, one go-to option for child entertainment during the holiday period is summer camps.

This is a scheduled, supervised program conducted during the holiday season to possibly introduce new ideas and concepts to children, and keep their minds sharp while on break from school.

Are summer camps good? Benefits of summer camp

A summer camp is an environment that helps to enhance your child’s independence and expose them to several new and fun activities. It also helps children to improve their social skills, explore their world safely and develop decision-making skills.

6 summer camps in Jamaica. A parent's guide for finding the right summer camp in 2022

Summer Camps for Children in Jamaica

Now I consider myself a fair Instagram user, and in the past few weeks my feed has been bombarded with sponsored posts highlighting some of the many summer camps happening across Jamaica this year.

So, I decided to collate them all in one place and share with you. If you live in Jamaica and are looking for activities to engage your children this summer, you can check out this list of summer camps for children.

1. Moulding Masterminds – Richmond, St. Ann

This camp focuses on all things science and exposes your little one to the various concepts early.

Update: The 2022 link went bad so here's a flyer of their 2023 program. Tap the image to visit their page on Instagram.

A flyer from the organisers of the Moulding Masterminds summer camp in Kinfston

2. Greenfields Environmental Club

Pause the tablet for a minute and get your little one involved in doing good for the environment.

3. Dare to Dream Sports Camp – Mona, Kingston

If you have a little athlete on your hands, why not start building the correct form from early. This camp focuses on sport and engages the runners, footballers and swim champs.

4. Summer Grow Camp – Molynes Road, Kingston

Arranged by Budding Farmers Ja, this camp, which has the endorsement of numerous organizations, will introduce your little one to agriculture.

5. Camp Vitali

From chess to karate, this camp involves a myriad programes that can engage your little ones throughout the period.

6. New Generation Camp

The camp comes to you! How awesome is that? Schedule for the organizers to hosts the camp in your neighbourhood.

Bonus: Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts

Introduce your little one to the arts at the performing arts mecca in Jamaica.

Final Thoughts: Summer camps are good for children

Summer camps are a great way to get your children involved this summer. With the right facilitator(s) it can be a safe place of self-expression and development for your child.

My advice? Do your research before you enroll your child and seek out a camp that you believe your child would enjoy based on his/her expressed interests.


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