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Must-watch Christmas movies (Blogmas Day 5)

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A large part of Christmas is curling up with family, a warm blanket, and popcorn to watch the movies that get you in the mood for the holidays. Watching these jolly-filled films just does something to get you in the mood. And if you are like me, there just has to be a healthy mix of cheesy romantic movies that will have you captivated for about two and a half hours.

So, on the 5th day of Christmas, The Village Ja gives you, my list of must-watch Christmas movies that’ll enhance your holiday season. Get the popcorn ready and find that remote, we’re going on a journey through your home theatre.

I’ll split the list in two – the classics and then the cheesy romance bits (my favourite).

The Classics

These are the movies that were (and still are) a must-watch for me every Christmas season. I even know some lines by heart by now. Here are the classics:

Home Alone

This is probably the most impractical plot, but for the season you just have to watch it.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Aren’t we all the grinch sometimes? The more I watch this movie, the more I side with The Grinch.

The Santa Clause

This sequel film is fun, quirky, and family-friendly.

Die Hard

This is not your traditional Christmas movie but thanks to an obsession with Brooklyn Nine-Nine of late, I had to revisit this movie and add it to the list.

Romance (Netflix Films)

For my romance lovers, here’s your list. These for me are more modern and can be found easily on Netflix. I must admit I don’t think Netflix does Christmas movies right but these few are bearable.

The Princess Switch

A Netflix original, this one came on the radar maybe three years ago this movie will just make you fall in love with love.


This will-they-won’t-they film keeps you trying to guess when the main characters will finally realize they’re in love.

A Christmas Prince

This is a typical fairytale movies, watch as the main character, a commoner, falls in love with the prince.

The Holiday Calendar

Incorporating the advent calendar in the theme, this movie has a decent storyline for a young couple falling in love.


Just for kicks, I’ll add in another category for you, so keep reading! If you’re looking for something to exercise your comedic muscles this season, this list is for you:

Office Christmas Party

This wild office party gets more comical and outrageous as the plot thickens.


This is a cutesy family film that is adorably hilarious as the story advances

The Night Before

This one is definitely for the adults. After the kids are in bed, have a laugh and check out this film.

Wrap Up

Hope you enjoy this list. What genre of Christmas movies do you like?

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