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The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Parenthood

Updated: Feb 26

A woman and girl crouches before an over as the woman removes a pie

Parenting – one day you’re worried about the colour of your wall and how that fits in with your decor, the other you’re worried about how to out get those crayon marks your tiny human made on said wall, while channeling his/her inner artist.

There are certainly some high points that leave you beaming from ear to ear; and there are also some moments that you rather not experience one more year. Whatever the affair, as parents we ought to celebrate the journey and ensure we revel in each and every moment.

Here is the ultimate guide to celebrating parenthood!

Ways to celebrating parenthood

Keep a record of your own milestones

In addition to what your child has accomplished, make note of your successes too – after all, you too are learning from this and achieving more everyday. As our children grow we adapt and become more knowledgeable about how to maneuver various situations – chronicle those lessons and keep track of how far you’ve progressed in the years.

Share about your parenting successes with parent friends

It’s easy to complain or beat up on yourself about the not-so-great things, but what about great things – share those too. A huge part of parenting is ensuring you have a village to share the good, the bad and the ugly with. Sometimes we often forget to share the good and prefer to focus on the bad, but I ask you to share the good as well, by speaking it, you’ll likely realise that you’re not doing that bad yourself.

Reintroduce you to you

Becoming a parent takes some readjusting and refocusing. You can become so enthralled with your bundle of joy and ensuring they are okay that you lose yourself in it all. As soon as you’re able to, get to know who you are outside of your role as a mom/dad and nurture that relationship. You are as important to yourself as you are to your child.

Do something that makes you happy

It can be reading a book, watching a silly movie/tv show or even going for an aimless walk around your community. Even if you need to take a break from your family, take a moment to do one thing that makes you happy each day.

Go after your dreams

Remember those dreams or ideas you shelved because you wanted to focus on being a parent? It’s time to dust them off and pursue them. Too often parents place their hopes and dreams on hold to take care of their children. But what if you can achieve both? Go after those dreams and show your child that you are even more super than the superparent they originally thought you to be.

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