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Welcome to My First Blogmas! (Blogmas Day 1)

Welcome to #12DaysofBlogmas on The Village Ja! I’m so excited to be part of this amazing writing challenge. I’m also anxious about whether I’ll be able to keep up, but I know you’ll certainly keep me accountable – we can do this!

I learned about this last year (wasn’t blogging then) when Jamaican lifestyle blogger, Simply Candi Nicole shared her version of the challenges on her blog site. And though I thought it was so, so cool (proper geek mode) I never had a blog at the time so that was that. But that has changed so let’s focus.

What is Blogmas?

Blogmas, as you probably have already guessed, is a combination of the words ‘blog’ and ‘Christmas’, and is essentially a period where bloggers vow to post more frequently during December. These posts were originally holiday or Christmas-themed but have now expanded to include any type of post, as long as it is within the period – it is all about consistency. The most common ways to participate in Blogmas are:

  1. 25 Days of Christmas – this is what I believe is for the veterans in the business. It essentially is when bloggers post everyday until Christmas, starting December 1.

  2. 12 Days of Blogmas – taking inspiration from the 12 days of Christmas carol, this format sees bloggers posting for the 12 days leading up to Christmas Day. This is also the one I’ll be doing (baby steps).

green christmas tree with red baubles

Photo by Dana Tentis on

Why did I decide to try blogmas?

Because I’m a blogger now, duh (I’m kidding). As I mentioned earlier I fully geeked out when I read the blogmas pieces and decided I had to try it! I’ve thought about it, done the research and I am super excited about the content I have planned, and hope you will be too.

This is also my first Christmas as a blogger, so what better rite of passage is there to celebrate this milestone? I am also hoping this is my intro to the local bloggers network (hey awesome people!) and it will help me to grow and hone my craft.

The blogger, Jediael Carter Stewart is busy working on her blog ideas

How focused I was trying to get my act together for Blogmas

Final Thoughts

So, Villagers (I’m trying a new name for the tribe, tell me if you like it), tag along for the journey and get some awesome insight into a Jamaican-made Christmas. I hope you’ll find it as exciting as I do. Wish me luck!

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