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Looking for something specific? We've got you! Fast-track to your favourite topic on our easy-to-use parenting website.  

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Parenting 101

Being a parent is a full-time job. In this category, we share the information that helps you navigate parenthood with job insights.  

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Village Voices

There is strength in community and hearing each other's stories. Share in the experiences of the parents within our community and encourage our villagers.

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Kid Finance

Nothing in life is free, and parenting will definitely show you that. Get financial advice to better equip yourself for comfortably financing your family's life.  

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My name is Jediael Stewart

I am a first-time-mom, wife, and an award-winning writer in Jamaica. Through this platform, I support and empower millennial parents on their journey through parenthood. The Village Ja is a pregnancy and parent magazine for all!

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