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Hello, Welcome to The Village Ja!

The Village Ja is a community of support for millennial parents and is a safe space that provides the tools and resources necessary for navigating parenthood.

The Village Ja is the brainchild of Jediael Stewart, a first-time millennial mom raising her firecracker in Jamaica. Giving voice to her racing thoughts, this blog is a space of support for millennial parents who sometimes feel they have no business being responsible for a whole other human.


It is for all the parents who wish to make the best of raising an outstanding generation for the future. On this platform, we support each other, figure things out together and do what we can to enjoy this wild adventure.


Parenting, finance, and lifestyle tips for all parents. Welcome to The Village.

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Jediael Stewart


I am an award-winning journalist turned content writer based in Jamaica. By day I am a Public Relations and Communication professional in corporate, while by night I manage this space, sharing the wonders of parenthood and highlighting the experiences of millennial parents. 

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