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Capturing Memories: Why Family Photos Are Important

Updated: Feb 21

A mother and father take a family photo with their toddler daughter while using a large frame as a prop

There is just something about a picture that makes it an instant time machine. When you look at it, you’re immediately brought back to the moment captured, remembering everything – the emotion(s) you felt, what you did that day, who you were with and the list goes on.

It’s true what they say – “a picture is worth a thousand words” – but I would also add that the memories it conjures are priceless. I truly understand the meaning of this saying now and the reason my third-grade teacher insisted that I wrote stories just by looking at pictures. (Sidenote: Do you remember having to do that exercise?). Oh the stories I would tell.

I write this blog post just after I aimlessly went through the album of photos from my first family photoshoot (for the millionth time). I sat staring at the pictures for several minutes grinning from ear to ear, just reflecting on the moment and reminiscing on what I perceived was a chaotic build-up to the shoot.

Our First Family Photoshoot

To give you some background, we did our first official family photos to celebrate my daughter’s second birthday last year. Yes, I finally got to do the proper photoshoot I’ve always wanted.

It was a well-thought-out shoot conceptualized by my friend, Audia, through her business, OMG Moments by Audz (Shameless plug: you should definitely check out her work). It was shot in the verdure of the Hope Botanical Gardens in Kingston, Jamaica and the photos were just spectacular!

We are absolutely in love with the authenticity of the images and how well they captured our family unit, especially our vivacious little lady. You can’t help but smile as you see her various moods playout for the camera. But why am I just telling you about it, see for yourself; here are my top ‘pics’ from the Stewart family photoshoot…2021 (we’re definitely doing it again).

Why Are Family Photos So Important?

If the pictures have not convinced you already, don’t worry, I can spell it out for you too. Though our shoot mainly started as a way to celebrate my firecracker’s second birthday, that moment has been immortalized and will live on for generations. Here are four other reasons why family photos are important:

Family photoshoots are fun

Contrary to what you’ve seen in the movies, family photo sessions are not the no-nonsense, stiff captures of a family dressed in Victorian clothing and crammed in a small stuffy room. Nah, who wants that. Family portraits can be epic candid moments of you all interacting with and enjoying each others’ company. Just be yourself and pretend the camera isn’t there – have fun.

Family photoshoots allow you to celebrate and preserve milestones

“Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second” – Marc Riboud.

You won’t regret having pictures that will help you to reflect on the past and relive a wonderful moment in your family’s history.

Family photos make for great home and office decor

Liven up your space with photos from your shoot that exude the warmth and love of your family. Whether at work or at having, having those photos around will be a mood booster, especially on the bad days.

Family photoshoots help you to document your growth

Keep track of the changes in your family through photos. Help the future generation to understand the growth of individuals and the family all together. Think of it as a game of spot the difference for you and for the future generation… which should make for some interesting conversations.

Final Thoughts: Importance of Family Photos

So what are you waiting for? Start forming the first thousand words of your family’s story and book a session to capture this moment. Your future self will thank you.

If you’re at all interested in using my friend’s service for this, connect with her on Instagram or through her website.

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