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How to prepare for Christmas early

Updated: Feb 26

It’s Christmas! Well, almost; but if you’re like me, you started thinking about the festive season from as early as October.  

Though Christmas is AWESOME, and the season can be quite joyous, it is also stressful if you try to do it all at once. So here’s the first pro tip for preparing ― start early, long before December ― and break tasks up into small ones. You would be surprised just how much you can achieve before the jingle bells ring on December 25 (LOL, see what I did there? I’m so corny).

I’m actually a little late with this post, but please forgive me… it’s almost the season of giving (hehe). Here are four tips to help start preparing for Christmas early.

Set a Budget

A calculator, opened pen and receipt are on a white desk

This is your first order of business. Before you make one move for Christmas, you need to set a cap on just how much you’ll be willing to spend during the season. Things can get away quickly if you’re just spending without keeping a track of it. Give yourself an overall view of your expenses.

Pro tip: Include everything! From food to decorations to gifts and family pajamas, setting a budget will help you to be as frugal as possible.

Make a list of persons you want to gift

The hand of a woman's hand holds a pen as she writes in a ruled notebook on a table

Trust me, you don’t want to be the friend or relative who forgets to buy a gift. To avoid forgetting a loved one, start a list of those persons you want to bless this year before you become busy and things become hectic. Chances are you’ll be editing the list over a period… and by editing, I mean adding to the list.

Pro tip: Create a note on your phone that is easily accessible and make jottings when the ideas hit.

Start present shopping early

A close-up of a Christmas wrapped gift with pepper lights in the background

The sooner you can get this task out the way, the better it will be for you. Choosing the right present can be a hassle and should not be a purchase made on a whim. Put some effort into thinking through gifts, or ask the person what they want. Scout the prices and purchase as soon as you’re able to. You can even set a deadline for completing this process.

Pro tip: Scout out stores (online and physical) for sales and take advantage of them as best as possible

Research recipes for your Christmas dinner menu

An overhead shot of an uncarved turkey on a table with minimal Christmas decor, set for dinner

Christmas dinner is one of the most anticipated (if not the most anticipated) elements of Christmas day, so you need to be prepared. A big part of Christmas planning is preparing the mouthwatering meal that grandma (you) put her foot in! This is the time to get the creative juices flowing in the kitchen and to surprise your family, Chef.

Pro tip: Try out the recipe before D-Day, so you’re a semi-pro when the day comes.

Final Thoughts: Start Preparing for Christmas Early

So, go on! You still have time to make this Christmas your least stressful yet by preparing for the big day weeks ahead of time. Think of it as an event, a project even, and treat each element as you would any other project you have to complete. Your family is counting on you.

Happy Holidays! (Very previous, I know).

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