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Kimara's Pregnancy Journey: One of Total Bliss

Updated: Feb 18

A pregnant woman is surrounded by plants as she stands barefooted in a garden cradling her baby bump in a yellow dress
Kimara Caballero-Morris carries her baby girl with grace.

For each woman it is different. It is one of life’s mysteries if you ask me. The result or destination is usually the same but that journey to getting there, is quite literally another story.

For instance, if her pregnancy was anything to go by, Kimara Caballero-Morris should have had an easy labour. But that was far from her reality.

Instead, after nine months of a journey with little or no hiccups (I mean, she vomited like THREE TIMES), this girl mom endured over 12 hours of a painful labour to meet her princess and expand her family.

In this week’s pregnancy journey, Kimara shares about her sojourn to motherhood.

Before the double lines

Getting pregnant was a decision I made consciously. My now husband and I often talked about a mini me or him running around the house; so, when I started experiencing symptoms of pregnancy I was not surprised. I had a baby girl’s name picked out years prior and hubby wanted a little boy to go balling with.

My sense of smell became extremely heightened, even before the dreaded missed period. I could smell my neighbor’s pot from a mile away. At work, I could tell what everybody’s lunch was as they took turns using the microwave a few steps away in the lunchroom. I found that to be amazingly funny but each day my coworker would urge me to get a pregnancy test because she “suspected” I was pregnant.

For some reason I wanted to wait to see what other symptoms I would experience, so I let it drag on for about a week. While coming back from a work-related excursion I started feeling severe stomach cramps and like every other girl I thought this must have been my period (finally); so I guarded up in anticipation of the usual visit from ‘Aunt Flo’. But when I got home the napkin was squeaky clean and not a drop of menstruation was in sight.

A few days later I decided to buy the pregnancy test. I remember my friend saying, “don’t waste money getting the expensive one because you don’t need a test to tell you’re clearly pregnant”. I laughed so hard but still, heeded her advice (what could it hurt, right?).

Anxiously mulling over the possibility that I was pregnant, I walked on pins and needles to get home. My heart raced in my chest as I waited on the lines to appear in the small window of the stick.

Pregnancy Journey: The beginning of something beautiful

When those two lines appeared seconds later I burst into tears. I was absolutely thrilled. I couldn’t wait to share the news with my husband. I wrapped the test in a gift bag and presented it to him as soon as he walked through the door. We were both over the moon.

My pregnancy was an awesome journey, a walk in the park to say the least; not that I would take that walk again anytime soon, but you get my point. Throughout the 9 months I was growing and glowing, no crazy cravings, no sickness, just a God given blessing. The only things I could not do without were grapes, gummy bears, melon, and coconut water. And my husband didn’t play when it came to making sure I had all the above in abundance.

I think my journey was a mother’s dream. If every woman had such a stress-free pregnancy, we probably would become overpopulated. On the real though, I probably threw up three times during the period and even worked right up until 2 weeks before giving birth.

I found that a supportive partner made even the toughest days easier. My husband never complained when I couldn’t tame the hunger I felt numerous nights, or when I had to stop on the highway to pee.

Other than feeling way too heavy for comfort and switching out my tops for my husband’s tees, I thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant and never had any of the common complications some women experience. 

Then came labour and delivery

I guess I couldn’t have it both ways as the awesomeness of pregnancy never carried over to the labor and delivery. Twelve hours of painful labor and nine months of bliss still cannot be as mind blowing as the joy of having a happy, healthy, brilliant little girl.

Final Thoughts

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Want to share your pregnancy journey? We welcome all stories! Shoot us a message and we will be in touch. 

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