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Tips for Successfully Working From Home with Children

Updated: Feb 26

A baby sits up in a bed around a top laptop, while folding her lips

Ahhh, the serenity of working from home. No bustling to get ready for work, or missing breakfast to beat the traffic to be able to clock in on time. It’s one some may call a slow morning, peaceful even, with a few moments to yourself just before you fire up the laptop and calmly settle in for the day ahead.

NOT! You’re a parent silly, and on top of parenting, you’re now also the teacher, nurse, classmate, lunch lady, janitor and after-care nanny (nervous laugh). Fun times, right?

The past year has been tough for persons worldwide as we navigate this unending pandemic and its ebbs and flows. But it is arguably even more challenging for the parents out there who in addition to their day jobs have had to split themselves multiple times over to cater to their child’s needs. Parents are working from home with their children.

For me, this new normal has taken some adjustment, and I am still not comfortable in how things are. From feeling constantly unproductive to worrying whether my daughter is learning, I have not been in the best space mentally. How I can’t wait for things to be back to normal again (whatever that is).

Focusing on work while occupying a toddler is no picnic. Your productivity can quickly plummet, especially on days when your toddler is determined to involve you in every aspect of their day. And who can fault them; under normal circumstances you being home means they are the center of your universe and all your energies are spent with them. Working from home? What is that to a toddler?

Activities for children while parents work from home

While many days may no longer go according to plan, I’ve come to appreciate these activities that keep our little angel occupied. Now there is no science or formula to it, as some days she is not in the mood, but at least one activity is bound to give you a few minutes to focus solely on a few work tasks. Here my 5 go-to activities for entertaining our princess while working from home.

Educational Programs

If you enjoy silence while working, say goodbye to that luxury as this activity is bound to introduce some noise. In my previous post I shared some programs that are pure edutainment platforms that are bound to keep your little one engaged.

Free Play

Let your little one be and explore her/his environment (safely of course). This is said to help your child boost resilience, self-esteem and confidence. Key tip: Ignore the mess… at least until later.


In addition to developing motor skills and hand strength, this activity stimulates creativity, develops focus and encourages self expression. If your toddler is anything like mine, you’ll certainly be cleaning the walls and floors after this activity.


Like Bob Marley once said when the music hits you feel no pain (except maybe your eardrums in this case, lol) Whether is it making ‘music’ from a bottle with peas or using the music table or toy piano, this activity is sure to entertain your munchkin. You’ll just have to push through the noise.

Building Blocks

Get your kid started on some Math lessons early. Block play is touted as a method that teaches a child about geometry, balance, shapes and even gravity. This is a relatively silent activity that helps your child develop their skills.

Final Thoughts: How to work from home with children

It's all about building a routine, being flexible and creating a schedule that works for you and your family. Your tiny human may find it difficult to understanding mommy being home but still working. There may be interruptions, your meeting will not always go smoothly but do your best and give yourself grace.

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