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Building Parenting Support in Jamaica - Join The Village Ja

Updated: Feb 25

A man in a black t-shirt kisses a baby he's holding on the cheek

Welcome to The Village. I started this platform to build a community of parenting support for parents in Jamaica, who like me, are adapting to this new (full-time, demanding) job we’ve accepted. If I’m honest, my move to this ‘hood (parent-hood, get it?) almost two years ago was a little rocky, as I had ABSOLUTELY no clue of what I was doing (still don’t, to be honest).

The first night home with my daughter, my husband and I rushed her back to the hospital because she started crying in the middle of the night and we did not know what to do. We knew she was hungry, but the whole breastfeeding thing was NOT working for me… Yes, they showed me what to do at the hospital before I left but with a wailing child in my ear, all that training went out the window.

It’s a story I can laugh at now but that night(more like morning), I was definitely thinking ‘What have we done?!’ That was the first time I learnt a lesson as a parent – no matter how much you plan as a parent, sometimes, you just have to go with the flow. It also the first time my daughter drank formula, even though we had decided during pregnancy that she would be solely breastfed.

This blog was created to help millennial parents navigate parenthood. They say it takes a village to raise a child; but I say let’s build a village for parents too. In this village, we celebrate, support and promote all parents, who despite their many challenges get up, get dressed and show up for their children.

So, get in formation, we’re ready to start The Village. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to join the movement.

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