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What are kids watching? 5 educational shows for children

Updated: Mar 4

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When we were growing up, it was Nick Jr and Disney Channel, but for this upcoming generation, nothing beats the convenience of a YouTube channel that has a limited number of advertisements (on YouTube Kids) and an unlimited supply of videos to watch.

Looking for something to occupy your little one’s time while you work? Maybe you just need another creative way for your little one to grasp everyday lessons and concepts. Don’t worry, this list details some of the top educational shows for children.

We came upon this one by chance, but it certainly was a blessed day when we did! On this show your little one will get wholesome lessons (life and otherwise), while exploring the world and visiting a series of sites virtually. I promise you, I’ve also learnt from Blippi, your little one will love it. Blippi is an explorer who takes his audience on an educational adventure in every video.

2. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes

I don’t know what it is about this Youtube channel that gets their gears going, but children LOOOOOVE Cocomelon. Miss Appleberry, JJ, his friends, and family are all practically part of my family these days. (Yes, I know their names, what?) This show teaches preschool concepts in fun, easy-to-learn nursery rhymes that are sure to engage and entertain your child/ren.

Good old faithful Sesame Street. With a few additional ‘monsters’ joining the pack and the original characters, this show remains a must watch among the kiddies. Who knows, watching with your little one may remind you of a few things, or help you reminisce on the good old days (Whoops, is my age showing again?).

This one is new to us but it certainly has our angel engaged. This Netflix Jr. series focuses on teaching languages and sharpening a child’s communication skills. At the end of each episode, your little one walks away learning a new word, sometimes in both English and Mandarin.

5. Khan Academy Kids

This channel is for parents who want to be inclusive in the teaching/learning process. Using trained early childhood educators, this channel guides the parent through educating their child or being part of the lesson. There are also lessons being taught directly to the children in fun, interactive sessions, which act as a build out to the organization’s free mobile application which caters to children between 2 and 7 years of age.

Tell us some of your child’s favourite YouTube channels in the comments below! Follow our social media pages to join the movement and keep up-to-date with of all we’re doing.

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