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The Village Ja Year In Review: Thanks for Reading

Updated: Feb 25

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Happy New Year, Villagers! Thank you for rocking it with me in my first few months as a blogger. Your support meant alot to me and was truly appreciated.

Next month will mark 1 year as a blogger and though I am new to this, and still have much more to learn, I must pause to express gratitude to you for what I am counting as a successful year.

Thanks for tagging along for the journey!

The Results Are In: Year In Review

Last year, there were 34 blog posts published on The Village Ja; all of which were written by me. I think that’s a good track record for the first 10 months, don’t you? I also surpassed my goal for the number of views on the blog by 74%! To me this is a wonderful first year and a great year in review report.

It was a year of creating a community, highlighting the many elements of parenting and featuring the stories of some outstanding millennial, Jamaican parents. Thanks to all who allowed me to highlight their stories and those who joined the community by hitting that subscribe/follow button. (PS: If you haven’t yet you still have time.) 

Top 2021 Blog Posts

I enjoyed sharing this experience with you and I can’t thank you enough for every blog you read, liked, commented on, or even shared. I am in awe of the web statistics each time I see it. That’s all because of you and your support.  

As I reflect on the past year, I’d like to pay homage to your support by sharing the top five performing blogs on The Village Ja in 2021. Just in case you may have missed it ( I know life gets busy), or you’re new to my platform (Welcome!), here is a snippet of what was shared last year. The top blog posts of 2021 are: 

Final Thoughts: Have a Wonderful Year

Again, thanks for making this blog a success in 2021; I am excited to see what becomes of 2022 as we journey together. Happy New Year to you and your families! May this be the best one yet for you all.

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